Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I train my jaw muscles?

Modern diets, primarily composed of soft, processed foods, do not adequately stimulate our chewing muscles. However, the stimulation of these muscles is essential for the proper development and maintenance of facial and jaw structure. Degeneration of the jaw muscles can lead to a less attractive appearance and health issues.

Recent research highlights the benefits of jaw muscle training. Jaw training can expand the breathing and upper jaw, improve tooth orientation, and create a more attractive facial appearance. 

You can learn more in our article.

On average, how long does one package of MastiGum® last?

A single package of MastiGum® typically lasts between 4 to 6 weeks. When you chew it daily for a year, it will only cost you 0.27 euros per day!

What is the size of the MastiGum® package?

Each MastiGum® package contains 20g of mastic resin of the highest quality, hardness, and freshness.

What is the recommended duration for chewing MastiGum®?

It is recommended to chew MastiGum® for one hour per day.

Each MastiGum® "chewing gum" lasts up to four hours!

Can you explain why the pieces are different sizes?

The size of the mastic pieces can vary between batches because it is a natural product. However, this can be beneficial since smaller pieces are more durable and have a longer lifespan, while larger pieces have more flavor.

Can I use MastiGum® if I wear braces?

MastiGum® is harder than chewing gum, and there's a high likelihood that it could damage braces. Therefore, we do not recommend using MastiGum® with braces.

However, we are not qualified to assess the health status of the oral cavity, and we would advise you to consult this question with your dentist or another qualified professional.

If I have dental implants, is it safe to use MastiGum®?

If you have dental implants, it is not recommended to use MastiGum® as it is harder than regular gum and may cause damage. We suggest consulting with your dentist or another qualified professional regarding this matter, as we are not eligible to assess the health status of your oral cavity.

If I have had teeth pulled out, is it safe to use MastiGum®?

We suggest that you seek advice from a qualified professional, such as your dentist, regarding the health of your oral cavity, as we are not eligible to assess it.

Can I consider the BRIKK e-shop and MastiGum® product environmentally conscious?

Absolutely! The MastiGum® packaging is highly eco-friendly and devoid of plastic, except for the label made of sustainable plastics (weighing approximately 0.35g). We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by using eco-friendly paper envelopes and employing efficient transportation services to minimize our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we donate 0.5% of each order to fund technology to eliminate carbon, clean oceans, and protect the environment.

What is the best way to store MastiGum®?

It is suggested to store MastiGum® at temperatures below 20°C and avoid exposing the package to direct sunlight.

Is there a flavor or scent to MastiGum®?

Yes, MastiGum® has a delicate and refreshing flavor that's naturally created. It has a taste that resembles pine needles and lavender flowers, with a hint of spicy and chamomile undertones.